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Europe's Urban Knowledge Platform

The EUKN is one of the foremost intergovernmental urban platforms, deeply involved in EU policy-making. As an independent Member State driven network with more than 10-years of experience in urban policy, the EUKN provides strategic urban knowledge and research assistance to member states, cities, the European Commission and governmental bodies from the local to the international level. The EUKN also has a long track record in supporting the EU Presidency countries. The EUKN exerts strong involvement in projects like Habitat III’s New Urban Agenda, the Urban Agenda for the EU Partnerships and the Leipzig Charter research project. For our current activities, look at our research page.
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EUKN at a glance

Actively involved in the field of European urban policy-making, research and practice, the European Urban Knowledge Network (EUKN) aims to respond to strategic knowledge demands of its members in close association with key urban stakeholders. It is the only independent network of Member States working together on urban policy.

One of the key delivery instruments for tailor-made knowledge support are Policy Labs. In these events, stakeholders and experts discuss concrete urban topics relevant to an EUKN member country such as urban mobility, retail policy and functional urban areas, integrated planning, housing, or the European and global urban agendas.

The EUKN and its affiliated researchers are regularly involved in research projects, be it within the context of services to EUKN members, EU Council presidencies, or external activities. A core theme of many research projects has been integrated urban development. In 2017, the EUKN presented a large stock-taking of the relevance of integrated urban development in Europe and beyond in the publication "Ten years after the Leipzig Charter".

Moreover, the EUKN is part of the Technical Secretariat of the Urban Agenda for the EU, supporting its implementation through the provision of communication tools, expertise and administrative support to the thematic Partnerships.

In a time of increasingly complex urban challenges that require smart and inclusive policy answers built on multi-level and multi-stakeholder governance, the EUKN stays committed to broadening the strategic knowledge base on contemporary urban topics.  

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