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Developing climate change adaptation and mitigation

Mr. George Ferguson, Mayor of Bristol (UK) : “It has been a challenge for cities to make their voices heard, but we are determined and Bristol is working with Paris and others to help bring the voice of cities to the climate talks at COP21.”

As the Mayor of Europe’s Green Capital 2015 and one of the speakers during the upcoming Conference on Climate Change (COP21), Mr. George Ferguson is embracing innovation in order to create a sustainable future. 

1. Bristol is Europe’s Green Capital 2015, what are in your opinion the preconditions to become a green capital and what does it yield?  

It’s important to have a strong commitment in the community – with citizens, businesses and leaders all working together in the recognition that more is needed to make a healthy city and combat climate change.

Bristol’s achievements are thanks to 40 years of innovative environmental efforts alongside this great community spirit around hundreds of different projects and initiatives, involving cross-party support from past and present councillors, and the UK’s largest city environment partnership, the Bristol Green Capital Partnership of 800 organisations.


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Can temporary use policies be effective in the long-term?

How can European cities, communities and citizens engage in creating a better and safer sustainable environment?    

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