About the EUKN

The EUKN is a network of national governments and knowledge institutes, deeply involved in EU policy-making. Our focus on generating a professional community that shares expert urban knowledge and best policy practice inspires policy makers, practitioners and researchers, benefiting urban development and city living.

The EUKN is an urban specialist collective, providing pre-emptive and responsive action to the requirements of Europe’s best urban practitioners and policymakers. As leaders in urban issues, we have developed an extensive high-quality knowledge database, comprising of shared standards, practices and up-to-date research. This vast e-library provides free access to case studies, research results, policy documents, trending news, events and more. EUKN members receive a more tailor-made service, benefitting from expert opinions, topical dossiers and specific practical assistance via the National Focal Points such as Policy Labs and first hand support during EU Presidencies.

The EUKN holds a proven reputation on European and world stages, providing urban stakeholders with an experienced and reliable partner. Our close association in Europe with European, national and regional governmental authorities further offers a valuable and unique advantage to partners. We respond to the knowledge demands of our end-users while connecting urban stakeholders to policy, practice and research. The EUKN is working towards the EU2020 initiative by the network’s ongoing mediation and promotion of smart, sustainable and inclusive European cities.

In 2013, the EUKN was awarded the legal status of European Grouping for Territorial Cooperation (EGTC) allowing the network to engage directly in cross-border cooperation and activities. Furthermore, the EUKN as an EGTC offers its members opportunities to apply jointly for project funding, adding value and improving the quality of its activities.

Mission Statement

The EUKN is an elite network of European Member States involved in urban policy making. We benefit our members with strategic, expert and independent knowledge support. Our reputable research, tailor-made services and online knowledge platform provide the perfect instrument to develop Europe’s urban expansion.

Vision Statement

Inspiring decision-makers to innovate urban living.


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