EUKN Factsheet

The European Urban Knowledge Network (EUKN) Overview

The EUKN is the only independent Member State driven network. Our organisational level with the EU Commission and other EU institutions lends strategic value to EUKN Members. Our specialist urban knowledge benefits our Members in the form of tailor-made services, expert analysis, topical dossiers and specific practical assistance such as Policy Labs and webinars. Easy access to a rich e-library containing selected documents on shared standards, EU policies, best practices and up-to-date research is available to all urban leaders, practitioners and policymakers. 



The EUKN’s expanding network comprises of 1/3 of the European Union, currently including: Belgium, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The EUKN offers various membership packages depending on each Member State’s ambitions and country size. 


Key Initiatives Since 2005

Knowledge Exchange and Capitalisation: The EUKN started as Europe’s platform for urban knowledge platform. Ten years later, this platform has advanced to include a social media strategy and the launch of a new EUKN website for 2015 that provides interactive urban learning and dissemination. Our e-Library holds over 5,600 urban documents reflecting the evolution of urban development in Europe.

Intergovernmental Support: Since Germany in 2007, the Presidencies of the Council of the European Union have received our continued support as strategic urban thinkers and operative assistants. Today, the EUKN is supporting the research for the Latvian Presidency on small- and medium-sized urban areas.

Holistic Integration and Sustainable Urban Development: Our independence from European institutions has developed our strategic operations on European and national levels. This evolution has encouraged an integrated view on cities and urban areas, where economic, social, environmental and territorial challenges come together. In 2013, our conference on energy efficiency in the built environment, connected European knowledge with good practices for existing projects across a variety of sectors.

National Support: As a Member State driven network, the EUKN provides the opportunity for Member States to talk among peers and be heard. Our multiple events and tailor-made meetings create valuable connections gathering key stakeholders for open dialogue and discussion. After receiving a EUKN Policy Lab, Cyprus introduced a reformed urban planning law involving public participation.


Organisational Structure

Assembly Members - Ministerial representatives

Organisational structure - National Focal Points

The Secretariat - The Hague