Cities and Ports “CROSSOVERS” 15th World Conference

Stadshavens Rotterdam

Starting on the 5th of October and ending on the 7th of October, the AIVP organizes the Cities and Ports ‘Crossovers’ 15th World Conference. The focus of the event, which will be held in Stadshavens Rotterdam (located in Europe’s biggest port industrial area), is the ‘crossover’ of issues concerning both cities and ports. The six main topics are as follows:  

  1. How can crossover between cities and ports enhance the circular economy?
  2. How can crossovers between cities and ports stimulate innovative business climate?
  3. How can we use smart technologies for green logistics and industries in port and city?
  4. How can joined urban and port planning facilitate the next economy – flexible frameworks of port and city?
  5. How can crossover allow the creation of resilient ports cities facing up to the challenges of climate change?
  6. How can port cities enhance social innovation, develop new skills and raise the profile and image of the port?  

Anyone interested in contributing to the conference can now send in their ideas to the organizing parties. The deadline for submitting  contributions is the 30th of March 2016.

The AIVP is an international organization that aims to connect public and private development stakeholders in port cities. AIVP supports their members with the implementation of new strategies that allow them to more effectively face up to the changes that impact economic, social and environmental developments in port cities: urban-port integration, global reorganization of economic routes, the challenge of societal integration, the climate change, the energy transition, the development of the cruise industry, etc.  

For more information about the event and submission guidelines, visit

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