Europe's Urban Knowledge Platform

Le réseau européen des savoirs urbains (European Urban Knowledge Network, EUKN) permet le partage de savoirs et d'expériences sur les problèmes urbains. Dix-sept Etats membres, EUROCITIES, le Programme URBACT et la Commission européenne participent à cette initiative européenne.
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EUKN Highlight

Actively involved in the field of European urban policy-making, research and practice, the European Urban Knowledge Network publishes research and participates in various events across Europe, so as to respond to strategic knowledge demand in close association with key urban stakeholders.

The EUKN has had a fruitful start in 2017, with one policy lab organised in Cyprus on the European and Global Urban Agendas and their relevance for Cyprus. Besides, the reports of our working conference on inclusion of migrants and refugees, of our policy lab on urban mobility, and of our policy lab on prevention of radicalisation have been published. 

The EUKN also took part in several urban policy-related events in the first half of 2017, such as the Meeting of the Directors General on Urban Development (DGUM) on 3-4 April and the Urban Development Group (UDG) meeting on 2-3 March in Malta. Among others, the EUKN was invited to make a presentation on Functional Urban Areas in Romania on 30 May at the Technical Conference preparing the 2017 CEMAT conference. 

In the upcoming months, the EUKN will work on and present its new research. The network will present its study "10 Years after the Leipzig Charter" at the 11th Federal Congress on National Urban Development Policy (12-14 June, Hamburg). A policy lab on One Year after the Pact of Amsterdam will be organised in July 2017 in the Netherlands, where the EUKN report on the first results of the Urban Agenda for the EU (UAEU) will be presented. 

Last but not least, the EUKN has been part of the Technical Secretariat of the UAEU since January 2017, supporting its implementation for the European Commission through the provision of management, expertise and administrative support to the UAEU thematic Partnerships.