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  • Report on EUKN conference inclusion of migrants and refugees published

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  • Europe less urbanised than Africa and Asia: Eee The State of European Cities 2016 report

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Europe's Urban Knowledge Platform

The EUKN is one of the foremost intergovernmental urban platforms, deeply involved in EU policy-making. As an independent Member State driven network with more than 10-years of experience in urban policy, the EUKN provides strategic urban knowledge and research assistance to member states, cities, the EC and governmental bodies from the local to the international level. The EUKN also has a long track record in supporting the EU Presidency countries. The EUKN exerts strong involvement in projects like Habitat III’s New Urban Agenda, the Urban Agenda for the EU partnerships and the Leipzig Charter research project. For our current activities, look at our research page.
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The EUKN has had a fruitful start of 2017, with already one policy lab in Cyprus on the European and Global Urban Agendas and their relevance for Cyprus. With the New Urban Agenda and  the Urban Agenda for the EU in place, a solid foundation is laid to foster urban matters even more in 2017. 

We also look back on two of our main activities: the working conference on the Inclusion of Migrants and Refugees and the Policy Lab on Urban Mobility closely related to the Urban Agenda partnership on Urban Mobility. Both reports have been published and can be found in our e-Library and on our news page. 

Call for urban photographers: In our redesigned newsletter we will now highlight the work of a photographer working around themes related to EUKN's work. The EUKN is always open for suggestions or recommendations from photographers, or for the submission of photos. In case you are interested or have any recommendations, do not hesitate to contact us