Urban Agenda for the EU Public Feedback is open!

Ivana Vujic

The Urban Agenda for the EU is moving forward with the launch of the Public Feedback which represents an important step for the four pilot Partnerships. The Public Feedback is an open discussion enabling all interested stakeholders across Europe to discuss the actions and recommendations developed by the Partnerships. The aim of the Public Feedback is to contribute to the drafting of Partnerships' final Action Plans.

TWO WEEKS TO GO: Contribute to the Public Feedback!

Participants can find all relevant information on the Urban Agenda for the EU website, including the pilot Partnership’s Background Papers, the Public Feedback and all news and updates related to the Urban Agenda for the EU. Through the Public Feedback everyone (anonymous option available) is invited to provide insights on the draft actions proposed in the Background Papers by the Partnerships. All interested stakeholders (e.g. institutions and authorities, academies and research centres, companies, NGOs, experts and citizens) are invited to contribute by sharing their knowledge and commenting on the actions developed by the Partnerships. The Public Feedback opens up a discussion on the Partnerships’ assessments and proposed actions and the Partnerships will use this feedback for the preparation of their final Action Plans. The surveys are open until the end of August 2017.

In addition, everyone is invited to register to the Urban Agenda website, where you can share your views on the Urban Agenda and comment on others' posts.

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