The EUKN newsletter - Urban Review

The urban landscape is ever changing. The EUKN is an established, trustworthy partner and platform for urban knowledge, concerned with modern-day urban challenges and policies. In order to focus on recent developments taking place in our field of work, we publish a monthly 'Urban Review' edition.

The EUKN gathers publications, EUKN updates, and news on urban issues and bundles them in a newsletter.

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EUKN Urban Review, December 2017 can be read HERE.

Topics covered in this Urban Review edition are:

  • News from the network: a series of events including meetings and Policy Labs in the Netherlands, Spain, Cyprus and the Czech Republic.
  • Coverage of the CITIES Forum 2017 event in Rotterdam.
  • Urban topics in motion: "EUKN Policy Lab for Spain - workshop highlights" video.
  • Recent urban publications: "The role of cities in the institutional framework of the European Union" by the European Parliament and "Report from the Commission to the Council on the Urban Agenda for the EU" by the European Commission.