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The urban landscape is ever changing. The EUKN is an established, trustworthy partner and platform for urban knowledge, concerned with modern-day urban challenges and policies. In order to focus on recent developments taking place in our field of work, we publish a monthly 'Urban Review' edition.

The EUKN gathers publications, EUKN updates, and news on urban issues and bundles them in a newsletter.

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EUKN Urban Review, April 2017 can be read HERE


Topics covered in our most recent newsletter 

  • Launch of the Urban Agenda for the EU website
  • UAEU Partnerships Kick-off meetings
  • Urban Interview with Mr Ahmad Mansour who aims to prevent radicalisation, honour-related oppression, and anti-Semitism in Germany‚Äôs Muslim community
  • Urban photographer Mr Ahmet Polat integrates Dutch and Turkish culture in his work
  • Video: Bibi van Ginkel from Clingendael Institute provides insights on the breeding ground and support for radicalisation in Europe
  • Publication: Smart Stories Implementing Smart Specialisationacross Europe
  • Publication: Challenges for EU cohesion policy-Issues in the forthcoming post-2020 reform