EUKN Secretariat

With more than ten years of experience in the urban policy-making and research field, the EUKN is more than just a knowledge institute. The EUKN is a top-level influencer, and a connector between a multitude of urban networks. As a strategic knowledge partner, we benefit our members in the form of tailor made services, expert analysis, research assistance, and specific practical assistance such as Policy Labs and webinars.

The EUKN Secretariat is based in The Hague, The Netherlands. 



Mart Grisel


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M +31 (0)6 50 25 29 39



Lea Scheurer

Project Manager


M +31 (0)6 15 17 51 86

Margaux Barrett

Research and Communication Intern 

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Irmak Akal

Research and Communication Intern

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EUKN Expert Pool

The European Urban Knowledge Network (EUKN) collaborates with a professional community of experts specialised in multiple urban-related themes. In light of strategic research activities for EU presidencies or within the context of the Urban Agenda for the EU, the EUKN is continuously interested in widening its expert base. The role of the experts may cover research activities, the preparation of policy briefs, and moderation of events and panel discussions. Furthermore, experts can engage in Policy Labs organised for the EUKN’s members. All activities are be regulated by a task-specific contract.

The aim of the EUKN Expert Pool is to generate and to deepen knowledge about urban policy practice responding to the multi-faceted challenges faced by actors at different levels of government, and particularly by cities. In this way, the professional community contributes to the identification and creation of successful strategies and policies addressing modern-day urban challenges.


Interested in joining the EUKN Expert Pool?

Are you an expert with relevant experience of contemporary urban issues understanding the interface between research, policy and practice? Does the idea of further developing the Urban Agenda for the EU and contributing to Policy Labs or EU presidency research appeal to you? In this case you might be interested in becoming part of the EUKN Expert Pool.

Please fill in the online application form below by clicking on APPLY or by scanning the QR code. For any questions, you can contact the EUKN’s Director Mart Grisel at and the EUKN's Secreteriat at