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    Policy Lab for NL: One year after the Pact of Amsterdam


    One Year Pact of Amsterdam 4 July 2017 The EUKN organised a Policy Lab for the Netherlands on 4 July 2017 which was devoted to the first anniversary of the Pact of Amsterdam. The event was jointly org

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    One year Pact of Amsterdam


    One year Pact of Amsterdam EUKN, 2017 On 30 May 2016 was adopted the Pact of Amsterdam which launched the Urban Agenda for the European Union (UAEU). One year later, EUKN carried out a report which in

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    EUKN Policy Lab in Utrecht: One year after the Pact of Amsterdam


    During the Dutch Council Presidency in 2016, the Pact of Amsterdam was adopted, introducing the Urban Agenda for the EU. The underlying idea was to foster a multi-level and multi-stakeholder approach

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    Looking back at the Dutch EU presidency


    On the 1st of July, The Dutch have passed on the baton to Slovakia as the President of the Council of the European Union. EUKN wishes the Slovakian presidency a highly productive and successful term i

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    EUKN statement at the Informal Ministerial Meeting in Amsterdam, 30 May 2016


    Yesterday, during the May 30th Ministerial Meeting, EUKN director Mart Grisel prepared a statement on the Urban Agenda for the EU and upcoming EUKN activities. The statement can be read below. --

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    Pact of Amsterdam has been adopted


    Yesterday in Amsterdam, 30-5-2016, EU ministers responsible for urban policy have, under the Netherlands Chairmanship of minister Ronald Plasterk (Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations), adop

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    ESPON Policy Brief


    Following the adoption of the Pact of Amsterdam in May, ESPON has developed a Policy Brief in which it puts the partnerships of the Urban Agenda in a wider Territorial Context. For each of the four pi

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    Outlook: EUKN Policy Lab on One Year Pact of Amsterdam, Utrecht, 4 July 2017


    The EUKN will co-organize, jointly with the Dutch knowledge organization Platform31 , a Policy Lab on the Pact of Amsterdam, which established the Urban Agenda for the EU (UAEU).

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    EUKN Seminar on Urban Poverty


    On 27 September 2016, the EUKN will organize a seminar on Urban Poverty in Athens, Greece, as part of the Urban Poverty Partnership that has been established in the Urban Agenda for the EU.

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    New EUKN publication: “One Year Pact of Amsterdam” report


    The Pact of Amsterdam marks an important milestone for urban policy coordination in the EU. The Pact established the Urban Agenda for the EU (UAEU), whose long-lasting goal is to improve the efficienc