The priorities of the Cyprus EU Presidency: Towards a better Europe

On the 1st of july, Cyprus has for the first time assumed the Presidency of the European Union. As the final member of the Polish-Danish-Cypriot troika, the country formulated ambitious priorities to support a better Europe.

Europe: more efficient and sustainable

The current crisis causes uncertainty and instability in countries all over Europe. In response to this, the main focus of the Cyprus Eu Presidency will be on completing regulations on the 2014 – 2020 Multiannual Financial Framework. Related to this, many EU policies with direct implications for urban development such as cohesion policy and Horizon 2020 are expected to progress strongly. In terms of green growth, Trans-European Networks and water management will receive specific attention.

Europe, with a better performing and growth-based economy

Besides a higher level of efficiency, fiscal consolidation and measures to stimulate sustainable economic growth are prioritized. In that light, the Cyprus Presidency will work on:

  • The new enhanced framework of economic governance;
  • The monitoring of the implementation of EU2020;
  • Deepening the internal market, by stressing the role of SMEs.

From an urban point of view, Local Economic Development will play a center piece in the coming 6 months.

Europe, more relevant to its citizens, with solidarity and social cohesion

Bringing Europe closer to its citizens is another priority of the Cyprus Presidency. Rising youth unemployment is a concern in many EU Member States, while the older generation will be involved through the European year of Active ageing and Solidarity between Generations.

Europe in the world, closer to its neighbours

Going beyond the EU scale, the Cyprus presidency will emphasise the southern dimension of the European neighbourbood policy, thereby enhancing relations with Mediterranean countries.  You can access the full document outlining the Cypriot priorities through the Reference Material Folder to the right of this article.