Irish EU Presidency



From 1 January to 30 June 2013, Ireland holds the six-month rotating Presidency of the European Union. Ireland is in the first of a Trio and in close coordination with EU Presidency of Lithuania (July-December 2013) and Greece (January-June 2014). The priorities for the Irish presidency are banking supervision, an agreement on the EU budget, an youth unemployment, the Digital Agenda for Europe, the EU’s Single Market, and the multi- and bilateral trade agreements (such as EU-US Trade Agreement).



Within the Irish EU Presidency, the EUKN published the report "Youth unemployment and geographic mobility in the EU". The current recession has increased unemployment levels in the EU Member States. Young people are hit hardest: one out of three young people in the EU is currently unemployed while the unemployment rates are rising rapidly affecting social cohesion.This papers aims to provide an impetus for a discussion on the challenges and opportunities of local, national and EU‐governments to develop policies to improve the employment opportunities, taking into account all possibilities, including geographic mobility. With setting up the scene and outlining relevant EU policies, the EUKN presented data and characteristics of the youth unemployment situation in Europe. It also focuses on the issue of geographic youth mobility and how governments may create favourable conditions for mobility, taking into account both the interests of migrants and those of the regions of origin and departure. What are possible and effective strategies in times of crisis? Read more.