Maltese EU Presidency



From 1 January to 30 June 2017, Malta holds the six-month rotating Presidency of the European Union. Malta is in close coordination with EU Presidency of the Netherlands (January-June 2016) and Slovakia (July-December 2016). The Maltese EU Presidency will focus on six priority themes:

  • Migration: Push for the swift implementation of measures that have already been agreed upon, and ensure that the issue remains at the top of the political agenda.

  • The Single Market: Collectively manage to fully exploit the Single Market and develop the Digital Single Market as well as complete the Internal Energy Market, to bring tangible benefits to our economies, our businesses and our families by removing barriers to trade, and improve protection and access to services for consumers.

  • Security: Remain vigilant to ensure the security of our citizens. The Maltese Presidency will contribute towards concrete progress on proposals that address regional and global challenges, while upholding the values that underpin the very existence of the Union.

  • Social Inclusion: Close consultation with social partners, civil society and citizens in order to advance gender equality and rights of minorities and vulnerable groups.

  • Europe’s Neighbourhood: Focus on EU engagement on the stabilisation of our neighbourhood. The EU Global Strategy will be an important reference to guide the Union’s action and determine its role as a relevant and effective player.

  • Maritime: The EU will be increasingly dependent on the seas and oceans; the sustainability and continuing development of the maritime sector, under the EU Integrated Maritime Policy, fits naturally with the legislative priorities of an outward-looking island nation in the southern Mediterranean.