Portugal's EU Presidency



For six months, from 1 January, Portugal will be presiding over the Council of the European Union for the fourth time. The Presidency is part of the current presidency trio made up of Germany (second half of 2020), Portugal (first half of 2021) and Slovenia (second half of 2021).

The vision and priorities of the new Portuguese Presidency are clearly expressed in its motto “Time to deliver: a fair, green and digital recovery”. Its aim is to be positive, act flexibly, and build bridges. 

The Presidency will be dealing with the most pressing environmental, social and governance challenges. It will work on three main priorities:

- Promoting a European recovery boosted by the green and digital transitions;

- Delivering the European Union’s Social Pillar as a key element for ensuring a fair and inclusive green and digital transition;

- Strengthening the strategic autonomy of a Europe that is open to the world.

These priorities will be pursued along five lines of action: resilient Europe; green Europe; social Europe; digital Europe; global Europe.

After its recent incorporation as a member of the European Urban Knowledge Network, the Secretariat of the EUKN will provide strategic advice and expertise to the Portuguese Directorate General for Territory (DGT), representative of Portugal on urban matters. For this purpose, one Policy Lab and several EUKN activities to support the Portuguese Council Presidency (PT PRES) are foreseen. EUKN support will be aligned with the thematic focus of the Portuguese Presidency on urban matters: 'to enhance the sharing, transfer, and capitalisation of knowledge between cities to strengthen Circular Economy'. Specifically, by promoting the dissemination and exploitation of the 'National Circular Cities Initiative' results, on European Levei.