2nd International Meeting of the Territories of Co-responsibility, 22nd and 23rd November 2012, Mulhouse (France)


As the TOGETHER European project is coming to an end, the City of Mulhouse is organising its 2nd International Meeting of the Territories of Co-responsibility on the 22nd and 23rd of November.

TOGETHER is an exchange network composed of eight cities, among which Mulhouse is the lead partner. The network aims to promote co-responsibility, based on the principle that everybody has a role to play in preserving and sharing the common goods in a fair manner. This may be relevant to different types of territories, such as cities, neighbourhoods, schools, businesses, public services, but also various fields such as employment, health, housing, social cohesion, education, sustainable development, etc.

The meeting will be held over two days, focusing on the two following topics:

  • Thursday, November 22nd: "Understanding the process of implementation of co-responsibility";
  • Friday, November 23rd: "Engaging in a process of co-responsibility".

The meeting is open to all citizens, elected officials, academics, the private sector and civil society who are interested in the principle of co-responsibility and the implementation of co-responsibility projects.

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