EUKN involvement in the Urban Agenda for the EU

The Urban Agenda for the EU was launched in May 2016 with the Pact of Amsterdam. It represents a new multi-level working method promoting cooperation between Member States, cities, the European Commission and other stakeholders in order to stimulate growth, liveability and innovation in the European cities and to identify and successfully tackle social challenges. Read more about the objectives, scope and milestones on the Urban Agenda for the EU website.

As a multilevel governmental network, the EUKN cooperates closely with national governments, the European Commission and international organisations dealing with urban issues. The EUKN was involved in the establishment and since 2017, is actively supporting the implementation of the Agenda.

I. EUKN Communication activities for the UAEU

With its consortium partners Ecorys and EUROCITIES, the EUKN forms the Technical Secretariat for the Urban Agenda for the EU to support all twelve thematic Partnerships.

II. EUKN Senior Expertise activities for the UAEU

Besides the communication activities, the EUKN provides senior expertise to the Partnerships of the Urban Agenda for the EU. These activities range from organisation of the events (meetings, seminars, conferences, and Policy Labs), to the events moderation. In addition, the EUKN experts provide senior expertise such as helping Partnerships drafting their Action Plans, in writing reports and participating in meetings and discussions.

See below all the EUKN senior expertise activities for different Partnerships:

Urban Poverty

Inclusion of Migrants and Refugees

Urban Mobility

Sustainable Use of Land and Nature-Based Solutions