Welcome to the Romanian Presidency of the Council on behalf of the EUKN!

Romania, Finland and Croatia constitute the Presidency Trio of the Presidency of the Council of the European Union for the eighteen months from 1 January 2019 to 30 June 2020.

Romania is holding the Presidency in the first half of 2019. The main goals of the Romanian Presidency are set out in the Presidency Trio Programme. 

The Romanian Presidency will foster the Multiannual Financial Framework which plays a major role in providing the proper means for achieving the objectives of policies founded on the Treaty, such as the Cohesion Policy or the Common Agricultural Policy and also in addressing new challenges. Growth-enhancing policies must still aim at reducing development gaps and the differences in the living standards between the various regions of the European Union and between citizens, and to pursue social and economic cohesion, including urban development.

On the environmental side, the Romanian Presidency recognises the European Union’s environmental policy advocating it to become more comprehensive and streamlined into other policies of the European Union. 

"The EU has become a global promoter of sustainable development, aiming at creating a symbiosis between sustainable development principles, competitiveness and social cohesion. The goal is to implement sustainable development principles through a global and cross-sectoral approach meant to tackle economic, social and environmental challenges in an integrated manner. Moreover, Member States’ efforts are channeled towards consolidating EU’s leadership role in achieving the long term goals of the Paris Agreement, ensuring the transition to a low-carbon economy and continuing the integration of actions to fight climate change across sectors in EU’s major policies.

Attention will also be given to ensuring the quality of drinking water, efficient use of water resources and promoting biodiversity. The environmental and climate change policies shape Europe’s future and the new development trends. The transition to a circular economy and to low carbon emissions development will contribute to improving European citizens’ quality of life."

The EUKN will support and cooperate with EU Council Presidencies where possible. Throughout 2019, the prime EUKN project in this regard is the preparation of the German Presidency in 2020 in the field of urban development.