Policy Lab for Spain on the Development and Innovation of Rural Areas in the face of increasing depopulation

On 12 December in Madrid, concomitantly with the 25th UNFCC Conference of the Parties (COP25), the EUKN will organise a Policy Lab with the Spanish Ministry of Public Works and Transport. The Policy Lab will explore the opportunities, at the European level, to leverage sustainable development and innovation in the face of accellerating depopulation of rural areas.

Bringing together experts and participants from different countries, the event will seek to generate learnings around the factors of success and failure for governance to address the de-ruralisation of small towns - a phenomenon known in the Spanish territory as "EspaƱa Vacia" or "Empty Spain". Important linkages between de-ruralisation and climate change, the economic and productive sectors, as well as social and physcal infrastructure will be highlited, hoping to synergise discussion around the role and potential of the Urban Agenda to address these interfaces.

More information about the event and the full programme will soon be available on the EUKN website.