Cooperative Urban Futures: New EUKN-Eutropian Webinar Series

Cities are the beating heart of humanity. They are a both opportunity and a threat when it comes to solving the climate crisis and growing global socio-economic inequalities. Breeding grounds for pandemics and machines consuming much of the world’s resources, cities are also centres of innovation, experiment and change for good.

Cooperative Urban Futures is a new webinar series exploring radical new ideas emerging in European urban planning, policy and development that are leading to more just, green and sustainable urbanities. 

It is the fruit of a collaboration between EUKN and Eutropian, who are joining hands to organise and host this series from Spring – Autumn 2021. Together, we will be exploring circular urban economies; experimental  urban placemaking; the urban commons; and feminist approaches to urban greening.

Watch Episode #1: Circular Urban Economies, held on 6th May at 17:00 CEST

We look forward to seeing you on our next episode!