National Urban Policy

Urban policy in Poland is based on the Strategy for Responsible Development (Strategia Odpowiedzialnego Rozwoju) and the National Strategy for Regional Development (Krajowa Strategia Rozwoju Regionalnego do 2030 roku). 

Responsible Development Plan is an instrument to manage main development processes in Poland, defining a new model of development. It combines a strategic and operational dimension by delineating necessary activities and implementation instruments. The main objectives of the strategy are:

  • sustainable economic growth increasingly driven by knowledge, data and organizational   excellence;
  •  socially sensitive and territorially sustainable development;
  • effective state and economic institutions contributing to growth;
  • social and economic inclusion. 

National Strategy for Regional Development aims to prioritise the cohesive development of the country, strengthening regional competitive advantages and improving the quality of management and implementation of territorially oriented policies.

The tool for execution mentioned strategies regarding to the cities is National Urban Policy 2023. The strategic goal is to strengthen the capacity of cities and urban areas to create sustainable development, jobs and improvement of quality of life of inhabitans. It refers to 10 main topics:  spatial development,  public participation,  transport and urban mobility, low-carbon and energy efficiency,  revitalization, investment policy, economic development,  environmental protection and  adaptation to climate change, demography and  management of urban areas.

Actions regarding urban policy are seen in changes in law (Revitalisation Law implemented in 2015), government activities (ex. calls for fundings strategies) and also creating know-how centers for urban authorities and their partners on how to create local development strategies in line with the presented new approach.

Urban policy in Poland focuses on actions and instruments place-based and territorially oriented, promotes the sustainable development of cities and their functional areas with the use of their internal potentials. Special attention is given to small and medium size cities.

Future Developments of Urban Policies 

Poland will continue improving the development conditions of Polish cities within the SRD strategic projects.  The one called PIM (Partnerska Inicjatywa Miast) is implemented under the strategic goal of socially sensitive and territorially balanced development. It is a response to the need to activate urban development, increase the complementarity of activities and increase the knowledge of local governments. The implementation of PIM is based, among others, on the experience of international programs such as: URBACT, the EU Urban Agenda, and at the same time the objectives and tasks of the New Urban Agenda and Agenda 2030 are in line.

Another SRD’s strategic project responding to the problems of sustainable urban development is the Action Package supporting self-government institutions in programming and realization of revitalization. It aims to promote revitalization as a crucial element of sustainable urban development through complex and coordinated actions that address all aspects: technical, economic and social. Within this project, support is given for pilot projects in revitalization for 3 cities: Łódź, Wałbrzych and Bytom. Those pilot projects, finishing in 2019, will help to set priorities and ensure appropriate coordination in revitalization.

Besides, the project entitled Action Package for medium-sized cities losing social and economic functions is another strategic project addresses challenges of the cities with identified development challenges, which slow down or stop development of those cities and surrounding areas. The list of 122 such cities was identified as the result of the research conducted by Polish Academy of Sciences. Those cities will get support for increasing their attractiveness for potential investors, developing human capital and stimulating local economic and social initiatives. It is assumed that strategic SRD projects will contribute to strengthening the urban dimension in Poland and will help build strong, efficient and sustainable cities.


"Poland joined the EUKN to:
enhance the effectiveness of urban policies on the national and European level;
2. share good practices in urban policy between the countries;
3. strengthen knowledge-based policy approach regarding urban issues."