EUKN members

The European Urban Knowledge Network welcomes three new members, namely, Poland, Slovenia, and Spain.  In 2019 the network consists of 8 EU Member States, namely: Cyprus, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Polands, Slovenia and Spain.

On the right, the overview of EUKN members and associated activites is presented.


The EUKN was established in 2004 to address the constant need for knowledge exchange in all relevant areas of urban policy in Europe. Today, the EUKN is the only independent EU Member State driven network in the field of urban policy, research and practice. With strong ties to EU institutions and programmes as well as to other knowledge partners, the EUKN is deeply involved in EU policy-making.

The mission of the EUKN is:

  • To enhance the effectiveness of urban policies in Europe at all levels;

  • To support national governments in their role (creation, (re)design, implementation of urban policy approaches and governance) to contribute to the economic, environmental and social success of Europe.

The EUKN thrives to attain this:

  • By providing high-level expertise in various areas of urban policy in Europe;

  • By co-shaping urban policy-making in Europe;

  • By being a trustful partner managing the network;

  • By practicing a high-quality service to respond to concrete knowledge demand.


The EUKN provides country-specific, evidence-based, topical knowledge on demand. With a practice-oriented research and interactive working methods, the EUKN can provide its members with both European perspective and global vision. The access to the vast expert pool and strong research and analytical skills allow EUKN to deliver a wide range of services to its members, such as organisation of Policy Labs, meetings, conferences, delivery of applied research studies, policy briefs and recommendations.


The EUKN is a facilitator for applying knowledge and experience at a trans-national level. Its members value the EUKN’s position at the interface of research and policy. This way, the network members co-shape European and global urban agendas. In addition, the EUKN’s wide communication tools help dissemination of knowledge and sharing of good practice to assure that insights and recommendations reaches the professionals and organisations that need it.


A long track record developed throughout the years makes the EUKN a trustful partner for its members and partners. Since 2004, the EUKN has continuously built experience and has invested in relationships with core players in the area of urban policy in Europe.


The EUKN works closely with EU Member States, cities, EU institutions and EU networks. It has been advising and linking EU Council Presidencies since 2007, providing different types of knowledge support to them. EUKN members can engage in strong bi- and multi-lateral cooperation with network partners and associates.


EUKN members can expect high-quality, professional, and timely service. The EUKN's day-to-day work is managed by experienced Secretariat team. All assistance provided by the EUKN is up-to-date, tailor-made and validated by top-level experts in the field. The standard of excellence results from the continuity of the EUKN’s work and from flexibility in problem-solving approaches adapted to the demands of our members. The EUKN experts work in a trans-disciplinary and multi-lingual framework providing support in all relevant areas of urban policy in many of the major European languages.