Barcelona Interculturality Plan

Barcelona Interculturality Plan focuses on the promotion of interaction between citizens as a fundamental and integrated part of city practice across all departments and services.

Contributing city: Barcelona, Spain
Document type: policy
EU involvement: none
Creator: Barcelona City Council, developed on the basis of public consultation


Summary: managing diversity on the basis of a long-term strategy

The Barcelona Interculturality Plan was developed in three stages between 2008-2010. The first, initial phase drew up definitions of the concepts and goals and an analysis of Barcelona’s situation of diversity. The second completed a participatory process within the City Council and multiple areas of Barcelona’s civil society, including surveys, a website and interviews. The last phase analysed all the collected information and transformed it into the actions and proposals representing of the Plan.
The methodology of developing the plan is described in the Plan. A critical part of drafting the Plan was the public consultation and participation. Interaction is at the centre of Barcelona’s intercultural strategy.  Therefore, a strategic commitment of the city council to promote and facilitate interaction in all municipal policy areas is crucial. The interculturality strategy aims at managing diversity on the basis of a long-term strategy to ensure social cohesion and at the same time to exploit the advantages deriving from cultural diversity. The strategy is elaborated in ten strategic linchpins (and 30 goals and 90 measures) of the Barcelona Interculturality Plan, the Barcelona Interculturality Decalogue. Indicators for the monitoring of the Plan are included.

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Organisation: Barcelona City Council
Contact person: Ramon Sanahuja
Function:  Director of Immigration and Interculturality, Barcelona City Council
Phone: +34 93 256 46 20