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Renovation and reconversion of an empty textile factory

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Renovation and reconversion of an empty textile factory


The renovation and reconversion of the empty textile factory to ‘Buda Fabric’ will create the necessary infrastructure for sectors such as economy, innovation, development and the arts. Since creation and innovation are the backbones of a dynamic economy, the city of Courtray wishes to strengthen this dynamic by the realisation of the factory. ‘Buda Fabric’ is an urban renewal project which will create the necessary platform for product developers, researchers, students, designer, etc.


Innovation in the production and processing industries have been suffering from a shortage of beginning entrepreneurs in West Flanders in general and specifically in the region of Courtray. Besides that, there is a lack of foreign investment, innovative economic activities and research and development.


 The renovation and reconversion of the empty textile factory to Buda Fabric will be approached as follows:
1. Realisation of a meeting place for product developers, scientists, designers, institutes, artists, etc.
2. Development of knowledge and communication meeting place for different actors and sectors.
3. Realisation of a production place. 4. Realisation of a presentation place.


The most important elements to keep in mind during the implementation of such projects are:

  • Follow-up of the budget: making sure that the project does not exceed the approved amount of aid

  • Project milestones and deliverables: reporting regularly on the progress of the project and the outcome of specific tangible objectives of the project. Quite often these could be responsible for delays in the implementation of the project.

  • Deadline of the project: the deadline needs to be followed up rigorously and if there is any doubt about realising the deadline the project promoter needs to report it on time.

Resources used

ERDF plus match funding from the ministry of Economy and the city of Kortrijk.


City of Courtray

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City of Courtray

Contact person

Mr.Frans Van Den Bossche


Mr. Frans Van Den Bossche – Head engineer-Director of the strategic unit of Courtray city – Project leader


 Frans Van Den Bossche +32 56 277 024 mobile +32 0498 909 400