COVID-19: Update from the EUKN Secretariat

The EUKN Secretariat would like to express its greatest sympathy to all its members currently dealing with the consequences of COVID-19. The lockdowns, travel restrictions, and other consequences of the virus are having varying but far-reaching effects on all of our lives here in Europe and beyond.

Event Updates

All EUKN events up until the end of May 2020 are either cancelled, postponed or will be carried out digitally. Events planned for June 2020 onwards are currently under discussion.

Continuing Our Activities via Digital Means

We have implemented home-working for the entire secretariat and are using a number of digital tools to facilitate this. Our team is reachable by phone, mail and videoconference. For our contact details, see our website. We are continuing with all of our normal activities - providing our members with knowledge and research, supporting the incoming Presidencies, and much more. It’s not the same as meeting in person, but we must all make do!

Reflecting on the Impacts of COVID-19

We are reflecting as a team upon the impact of the virus on society and, in particular, on urban systems. The effects of the outbreak are felt locally and globally across a range of areas - from food and water security, to mobility, to labour laws and rights, to housing, and beyond. As such, the pandemic is stimulating deep reflection about how we should live going forward. We hope to send out a dedicated newsletter and post social media content about this topic in the near future.