Discover the EUKN activities for 2020!

2020: A year between disruptions and learnings for the EUKN

Looking back at 2020, certainly from the perspective of mid-2021, does not go without mixed feelings.

The year 2020 will be remembered as the historic moment when a pandemic spread across the world and severely impeded personal liberties as well as the functioning of entire economies. Working from home became the new norm for everyone who was able to, which also applied – and still applies – to the EUKN Secretariat in The Hague as well as the EUKN Members in their respective capitals.

Despite the disruptive character of the year, the EUKN has continued fostering integrated and multi-scalar work, meaningful exchange, and strategic knowledge creation. In particular, the network's activities covered four thematic areas in 2020: 

  1. 'Thinking Beyond the Crisis'
  2. The Urban Agenda for the EU
  3. The New Leipzig Charter
  4. Nature-based solutions

The 2020 EUKN Activity Report guides through these diverse fields of work and presents the key milestones delivered in each area. 

To discover more about the accomplishments of the EUKN and the challenges encountered in this very special year, read the whole Activity Report