Investigating the Polish perspective on the Urban Agenda for the EU

Does the Urban Agenda for the EU impact national approaches to urban policy and to cooperation mechanisms between governmental levels? The EUKN's Mart Grisel and Lea Scheurer discuss the Polish involvement in the Urban Agenda for the EU in the online magazine of the Małopolska region.

Polish cities and ministries are well-represented in the Urban Agenda for the EU (UAEU): they take part in a number of Partnerships, such as Air Quality, Urban Poverty, Energy Transition or Housing. The EUKN talked to Polish representatives in the Partnerships to find out more about their motives to join, their evaluation of the process, and their ideas for the future of the UAEU.

It emerges that an important reason to become involved in the UAEU is to exchange knowledge with other public officials and experts. Cities are interested in counteracting existing challenges by learning from others' good practices. As a case in point, the city of Poznań sees the lack of affordable housing as a barrier for the city's development. Within the UAEU Housing Partnership, it shares its experience with innovative funding solutions. In the same vein, the Circular Economy Partnership represents an important forum to share the Polish Circular Economy Roadmap.

Many Polish representatives share the opinion that the UAEU will contribute to enhancing the "urban voice" in European policies. The participation of Polish representatives in the UAEU also seems to have raised awareness on urban issues in the Polish discourse. The UAEU is an experimental and innovative multi-level governance initiative whose impact will be assessed in depth after the first Partnerships' concrete results and Action Plans have been implemented.