Mart Grisel's contribution at the Conference Erasme-Descartes

The Conference Erasme-Descartes, jointly organised by the French Embassy in the Netherlands and the Embassy of the Netherlands in France, took place in Amsterdam on 15 November 2019. Alternately held in one of the two countries ever since 2002, the Conference aims to stimulate the Franco-Dutch dialogue, representing a flagship of bilateral cooperation.

In this 2019 edition, the two countries specifically joined forces to address the urgent puzzle posed by climate change internationally and locally. In particular, the Conference explored the moment for "the knowledge society" to meet energy challenges at different territorial scales.

The EUKN Director, Mart Grisel, was invited as keynote speaker and moderator of the two main panels of the event. The peculiar format of the Conference included the active participation of an interdisciplinary group of twelve jeunes talents (or "young talents") which included university students as well as young entrepreneurs engaged in the theme. These bright minds presented their work and research, fuelling the debate around the application of knowledge & innovation for enhancing the energy transition at the EU level, and supported Mr Grisel in moderating the round tables. The full programme of the event, including speakers, can be accessed here

Thanks to the richness of discussions and ideas synergised by invited experts, the expertise of Mr Grisel, as well as perspectives highlighted by the jeunes talents and the public, the event created a platform for a meaningful and inspiring exchange.