Polish Urban Policy Congress Panel on the contribution of the V4+4 to the World Urban Forum (8 June 2021)

As part of Poland’s Urban Policy Congress 2021, the EUKN is organising an inter-ministerial panel on 8 June (11:00-12:30 CEST) exploring the involvement of the Visegrad Group and four additional EU countries (V4+4) in the World Urban Forum and the Action Plan for Cities.

The goal of the World Urban Forum will be to promote the idea of a sustainable transformation of cities towards green, productive, and accessible ones, ensuring a high quality of life for their inhabitants. In this framework, the Action Plan for Cities is both a declaration and a catalogue of initiatives necessary for sustainable transformation till 2030. The declaration will be signed by a diversity of ‘urban’ stakeholders, committed to make an increased effort in mobilizing cities to green change via the implementation of those suggested initiatives.

Next week’s panel will discuss how the Action Plan for cities could be used as a tool to implement, revise and strengthen National Urban Policy in the V4+4 countries (namely Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia and Hungary)


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