Project 4Motion

4Motion is a player in the education sector that promotes social change and developes guidelines based on values of cooperation, solidarity and inclusion. It is composed of seven members with equal rights when making strategic decisions.



Project start date

May 2002


Contributing country



Covering City

All cities in Luxembourg


Main placement

Social inclusion and integration, community development, citizens’ participation; education



Education, diversity, social change, discrimination, employment, integration, stereotypes



4Motion develops teaching tools, awareness-raising activities and training to challenge stereotypes and prejudices, to fight against exclusion and discrimination and to promote citizen participation. 4Motion encourages people to move from awareness to action and helps them in their projects.

4Motion encourages citizens to participate actively in developing a cooperative and inclusive society, to feel socially integrated independent of their sex, their ethnic or social origin, their beliefs, or their cultural level.



According to 4Motion, today’s society is undergoing rapid social changes such as a growing cultural diversity, a multiplication of means and flows of communication and information, a higher mobility of citizens, and a reconsideration of participation processes coming from traditional representative democracy. Hence, 4Motion understands social change as the whole set of sustainable transformations within the social or cultural structure.

Cultural diversity refers to the idea of learning to see differently. It provides a reflection on people’s identities and their stereotypes and prejudices; it develops a sense of empathy and fights against all forms of discrimination.


4Motion tries to shape the social change by offering an education for citizen participation, diversity and risk.

The main objectives of 4Motion are:

· to facilitate the empowerment of individuals within the society;

· to support the training and cooperation of groups in the society;

· to encourage everybody’s active participation in the society;

· to fight against any kind of discrimination;

· to facilitate intercultural dialogue in all its dimensions;

· to work in a cooperative, supportive and inclusive society.



4Motion has a permanent structure composed of a multidisciplinary team and external collaborators (e.g. facilitators, experts, etc.) whose expertise it can draw on on an as-needed basis.

At the national level, 4Motion has been able to position itself as a key partner in youth policy and has organized more than 20 participatory forums with young people, either in their municipalities or their schools in the framework of the Ministry of Family and Integration’s action plan called “Participation”.

Moreover, 4Motion has succeeded in broadening the scope of its actions in the area of promoting diversity and fighting against discrimination. Thus, in addition to motivating young people to work with their peers, 4Motion has adapted its tools to other target groups such as adults.

Finally, 4Motion has become involved in international networks such as EPTO (European Peer Training Organization), Kaleido’Scop, IRFAM (Institut de Recherche, Formation et d’Action sur les Migrations), CEJI (A Jewish contribute to an Inclusive Europe) and Peer-Training-Sachsen.



All citizens in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg



4Motion a.s.b.l. – education for social change



10, rue du Commerce

L-4067 Esch-sur-Alzette

Tel : +352 26 54 05 24