Read the EUKN Urban Review June 2020

In this month's newsletter, we focus on the theme of urban design and pandemics, as an extension of our research in this area and our partnership with Non-Architecture, featuring:
News from the Network:  

  • The launch of the EUKN’s renovated blog Urban Voices 

  • The first two Urban Voices articles co-created with urban experts on the theme of urban resilience in the face of pandemics 

  • Non-Architecture's research ecosystem: “Pandemic Society” continues, including three competitions on design for cities facing pandemics, for which the EUKN is a project partner  

News from the Urban World:  

  • Upcoming webinars related to the COVID-19 outbreak and cities  

  • Information about the European Capital of Innovation Award 2020  

  • A call to contribute to the JRC’s Survey  looking into how the Covid-19 outbreak is affecting peoples' lives across Europe 

  • Our second curated Lockdown Lectura list at the bottom of this newsletter, bringing you a short selection of the best reads on urban design and pandemics. 

Among other news, articles and studies. Read it now to find out more!