Read the EUKN Urban Review May 2020

In this month’s newsletter we focus on the theme of urban resilience in the face of pandemics, featuring: 
News from the Network: 

  • The EUKN Activities Report 2019 
  • Two EUKN new knowledge dossiers: Opportunities for Development and Innovation in Rural Areas: European Experiences and Localising the Sustainable Development Goals (pilot). 
  • Non-Architecture's new research ecosystem: “Pandemic Society”, including three new competitions, for which the EUKN is a project partner 

News from the Urban World: 

  • Upcoming webinars related to the COVID-19 outbreak and cities 
  • TNI’s Transformative Cities Competition 
  • The UAEU Partnership on Innovative and Responsible Public Procurement’s 4th Newsletter 
  • Our brand new curated Lockdown Lectura list at the bottom of the newsletter, bringing you a short selection of the best reads related to this month's newsletter theme. 

Among other news, articles and studies.Read it now to find out more!