Report Publication - Policy Lab on Radicalisation


Prevention of Radicalisation

Proceedings of the joint Policy Lab of the EUKN in Belgium, France and the Netherlands
Report of the Policy lab organised on 20 September 2016 in Brussels

On 20 September 2016, the EUKN has organised a Policy Lab on urban strategies to prevent radicalisation. The report of this Policy Lab is now available in three languages. A video registration of the keynote speech by Dr. Bibi van Ginkel has been published on You Tube.

With diverse keynote sessions, panel discussions and workshops, the Policy Lab provided various possibilities for learning and exchanging knowledge which will further support the creation of new approaches for the prevention of radicalisation. The Policy Lab comprised of a keynote speech, two panel discussions on prevention policies with mayors and representatives from national and regional authorities from France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Following the panel discussion, three workshops took place:

  • How to flag, analyse and monitor the radicalisation of individuals
  • Training and support for officials and people involved in civil society
  • Developing an integrated local approach to combat radicalisation

The Policy Lab showed that all three countries work hard towards developing and strengthening local policies aimed at the prevention of radicalisation. The shared opinion is that urban strategies are paramount in preventing citizens from radicalisation. Special attention should be given to the causes of radicalisation and to vulnerable youth and women in society. Fast acting of trained professionals and rapid detection pay an important role in the prevention of radicalisation. The Policy Lab also showed good practices based on integrated urban approaches involving a wide variety of stakeholders to fight this complex issue.

See the links below for the reports in Dutch, English and French as well as the video registration of the keynote by Bibi van Ginkel.