SAVE THE DATE! EUKN conference "Greener Cities, Greener Europe" on 7 October 2019 in Brussels

EUKN conference: "Greener Cities, Greener Europe: How the Urban Agenda for the EU Partnerships can bring sustainability closer to citizens" on 7 October 2019 in Brussels

What are the main dilemmas when a city starts implementing the Energy Transition? How to include the effects on air quality earlier in urban planning processes? How can cities become more compact and at the same time environmentally and visually attractive? How to encourage stakeholder participation at city level when implementing climate adaptation actions? How can mobility decisions of citizens be influenced?

These and many other questions will be discussed in a conference organised during the European Week of Cities and Regions 2019 in Brussels.



European Urban Knowledge Network (EUKN EGTC) on behalf of the Ministry of the Interior Affairs and Kingdom Relations of the Netherlands


Providing policy makers and other stakeholders with the knowledge obtained from the “Green Partnerships” of the Urban Agenda for the EU; Delivering (new) citizen perspectives regarding environmental urban policies


7 October 2019


Permanent Representation of the Netherlands to the European Union, Kortenberglaan 4-10, Brussels


Policymakers, practitioners, civil society/NGOs, researchers in the field of sustainability, circularity, green economy, environmental awareness, climate adaptation, energy transition


Possible via EUKN website, registration to be open soon.


Cities are at the core of the impactful societal shift to sustainability. They also find themselves in the front row facing the challenges. The transition to green, environmentally intelligent cities will entail, apart from opportunities for new ideas and innovation, some considerable costs and pitfalls. In order to maintain support for sustainability policies, these should not only be explained to citizens, but citizens should also be part of the policymaking process in order to sustain it, as well as to improve it.

Thus, if cities and urban areas want their environmental policies to become successful, they must include citizens in their policy ideas, agendas, plans and implementation. One instrument to do so, is the Urban Agenda of the EU, which pleas to involve stakeholders from all levels addressing policy issues in European cities. In the Partnerships of the Urban Agenda of the EU, multilevel and multi-stakeholder governance are applied to work together on the improvement of cities.

The conference will focus especially on the role of city governments and the involvement of citizens in relation to sustainability. The idea is to explore the acquis of 7 Partnerships including their dilemmas, good practices, showcases, and planned steps in the near future.

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