The Croatian Presidency for the Council of the EU: a strong Europe in a world of challenges

From 1 January to 30 June 2020, Croatia holds the six-month rotating Presidency of the Council of the European Union. This is the last Presidency of the current trio of Presidencies comprising of Romania and Finland. 

The Croatian Presidency is driven by the motto “A strong Europe in a world of challenges” and it will focus on four priorities, as presented below.

1. A Europe that develops
To face the current global challenges and the demographic changes, the Croatian Presidency promotes a model of sustainable growth which takes into account the different needs of the Member States, their regions and citizens. To pursue this model the Presidency will concentrate on balanced regional developments (1), environmental protection and fighting climate change (2), strengthening of competitiveness and skills (3), and a more satisfied and vital society (4). 

2. A Europe that connects
In a world highly connected, the progress of the European Union lies in having a networked economy used at its fullest potential. Based on this belief, the Croatian Presidency will advocate for policies able to enhance infrastructural connectivity of the Union while bringing together its citizens through culture, sports and education. To achieve this goal the current Presidency will work towards a single European transport data (1), a high-quality and secure data infrastructure (2), an integrated energy-market (3), and a stronger connection between Union’s citizens (4). 

3. A Europe that protects
One of the main keys to ensure freedom and justice for European citizens is a safer Europe. This is why the Croatian Presidency will focus on strengthening the internal security of the EU (1), developing a comprehensive and sustainable migration policy (2), protecting the freedom and democracy of EU citizens (3), and strengthening the resilience against hybrid threats (4). 

4. An influential Europe
The fourth priority of the Croatian presidency is to strengthen the role of the Union on a global scale and its credibility in international relations. To do so, the Presidency will promote the EU as a leading international actor (1), a global partner (2), a guarantee for progress and stability in South East Europe (3) and a security provider (4). 

More information about the Croatian Presidency, such as programme, priorities, and events, are available on the website

The European Urban Knowledge Network welcomes the Croatian EU Presidency and is looking forward to supporting its work.