The EUKN is part of the secretariat of the Urban Agenda for the EU!


The EUKN is very happy to announce that, together with lead partner Ecorys and outreach network Eurocities, we won the call of the European Commission for the secretariat of the Urban Agenda for the EU. Together we will support the implementation of the Urban Agenda for the EU through the provision of management, expertise and administrative support to the Partnerships. Our team will facilitate this Partnership process both for the Commission and for the Partnerships themselves. A successful implementation can make a real difference to the Partnerships that are so instrumental to ultimately achieve better regulation, better funding, better knowledge and hence - better urban areas.

Background information on the Partnerships

One of the key delivery mechanisms within the EU Urban Agenda is the creation of Partnerships around 12 specific European urban issues. The aim of the Partnerships is to develop a multilevel and cross-sectoral governance approach in an open and transparent way in order to achieve the wider objective of the Urban Agenda for the EU. To ensure focus and real impact on the ground, Partnerships have a bottom-up approach focusing on concrete cases in urban areas which exemplify bottlenecks and potentials.

Each Partnership will formulate an Action Plan with concrete proposals for better regulation, better funding and better exchange of knowledge, which can be regarded as contributions to the design of future and the revision of existing EU legislation, instruments and initiatives.

Each Partnership is made up of urban authorities (cities), the European Commission, EU organisations (EIB, EESC, CoR), Member States, Partner States, experts, umbrella organisations (e.g. EUROCITIES, CEMR), knowledge organisations (e.g. URBACT, ESPON, EUKN) and stakeholders (NGOs, business, etc.). Participation is voluntary and open to all those interested, committed and ready to dedicate resources, taking into account the need for balanced composition. It is important that all members of the Partnership have extensive experience and expertise on the topic. Advisable composition of the Partnership is about 15 to 20 partners.