The EUKN organised a conference in the Hague on the topic of Energy transition in the built environment

On 6 December 2018, the EUKN conference on the topic of Energy Transition in the built environment for the Netherlands took place in the Hague, the Netherlands in the inspiring Communication museum (COMM). The abundance of valuable yet useful experiences relevant to this global issue has been shared among local and European experts and participants.

The day consisted of several plenary sessions on the state of play and challenges of energy transition(s) in Europe, discussions and three breakout sessions aimed to compare instruments and approaches in organising energy transition(s). Experts from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, French, Germany, and Spain shared good practices and elaborated on the issue of how to move from the use of non-sustainable energy sources to renewable and sustainable energies. Discussions on these specific international examples and topics, such as heat waste, CO2 targets and energy incentives, helped Dutch participants get a clear and deep insight about how to tackle the energy transition challenges in the local built environment.

The conference could not be succeeded without support from the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, the participation of experts and attendances of partakers. The follow-up to the conference, presentations, pictures and further information will soon be available on the EUKN Policy Labs page.