The Regional Lisbon Index

The European Commission's Regional Policy department (DG REGIO) has produced the latest in its series of short papers on regional research and indicators. This paper develops an indicator, the Lisbon Index, to measure how close an EU region is to achieving the main targets for 2010 on employment, education, and research and development, as set out in the EU's Lisbon Strategy. Two maps illustrate variations in regional performance across Europe, providing a snapshot of the situation in 2007 and tracking progress for the period 2000-2007.

On average, EU regions improved their score by 10 index points from 2000 to 2007 (index from 0-100). Nevertheless, the EU average moved quite slowly, increasing from 57 in 2000 to only 60 by 2007. The top ten Lisbon regions include three Finnish, four Swedish and three UK regions, all scoring between 94 and 100.

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