Upcoming EUKN Policy Labs until the end of 2018

The EUKN would like to end the year on a high note by preparing not less than four Policy Labs for the remaining two months of 2018. The information about the upcoming Policy Labs for our members Belgium, Cyprus, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands are showcased further in the article.

Urban strategic planning

9 November 2018, EUKN Policy Lab for the Czech Republic

The EUKN Policy Lab for the Czech Republic will discuss current trends in strategic urban and regional development and will focus on governance and financial engineering of these projects, including the use of ITIs in Poland and the Czech Republic. The aim of the Policy Lab is to find answers to the following key questions:

  • How to make better use of ITIs for the next programming period?

  • How to improve current integrated strategic planning projects and programmes?

The Policy Lab will consist of a series of activities ranging from two keynote speeches by two urban experts, presentations of three concrete projects (two ITIs and one non-ITI project), followed by a round table discussion and afternoon workshops of different interactive working methods.

NOTE: The Policy Lab for the Czech Republic will be in held in English and will take place at the Ministry of Regional Development in Prague.


Prevention of radicalisation

27 November 2018, EUKN Policy Lab for Belgium

The Policy Lab for Belgium will gather experts from Belgium, France, and the Netherlands and will give room for interesting keynote speeches: a representative from CUTA (Coordination Unit for Threat Analysis, Brussels) will present the state of play of radicalisation in Belgium. Furthermore, Alard Feddes - a researcher at Amsterdam University and Tarik Yildiz - French sociologist will provide insight on underlying factors of the processes of radicalisation.  Finally, Jurgen Wayenberg and Khadija Aznag will highlight the importance of social links in schools, and to some extent, in associations.

The afternoon interactive workshops will focus on three main topics:

  • Identification and monitoring of the phenomenon of radicalisation;

  • Training of professional field workers in neighbourhoods;

  • Integration approach: working together at the local level.

NOTE: The Policy Lab for Belgium will take place in Brussels and will be held in French and Dutch. If you are interested in taking part in this event, please send an email to the EUKN Secretariat at policylab@eukn.eu.

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Energy Transition

Early December 2018, EUKN Policy Lab Plus for the Netherlands

The EUKN Policy Lab for the Netherlands, a so-called Policy Lab Plus is a one-day international conference gathering Dutch and international speakers and participants.  The aim of the event is to learn from non-Dutch experience about the transformations of the built environment in the process of making it more sustainable. The Policy Lab Plus is focusing on two aspects:

  1. Governance and process of sustainability;

  2. Creating social support.

In addition, the experiences and working methods of the Urban Agenda for the EU Energy Transition Partnership will be looked into and discussed further. The conference will focus on experts and those directly involved in sustainability projects targeting the built environment, including civil society organisations.

NOTE: The event will be held in English and it will take place in early December 2018 in the Netherlands. The exact date is yet to be confirmed. Stay tuned!


Retail policy

Mid-December 2018, EUKN Policy Lab for Cyprus

This event is a follow-up event to the Policy Lab for Cyprus organised by the EUKN in December 2017 which concluded the need for a detailed survey in order to be able to produce an effective retail policy. The existing studies are both outdated and lack crucial data and information. The follow-up event will consist of a one-day working session to produce a detailed Terms of Reference for the required study and an outline of the policy document.

NOTE: Date and venue are to be confirmed soon. Stay tuned!

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