EUKN Policy Labs

Policy Labs are an EUKN service tailored to meet national, regional and local authorities' knowledge needs regarding pertinent urban development issues. Like all EUKN services, Policy Labs are practical and demand-driven activities, answering the requirements of the commissioning party and providing strategic knowledge exchange and networking opportunities.

As an integral part of the EUKN membership package, Policy Labs can take a variety of forms such as expert meetings, panel discussions, site visits, case study presentations, workshops, and even small conferences with side events. The EUKN is continuously working on the development and improvement of innovative group working methods.

Building upon years of experience, the EUKN Secretariat supports the organisation of Policy Labs. It also coordinates all event logistics as well as the involvement of external experts such as academics, policy-makers and practitioners. 

To learn more, browse through the list of Policy Labs implemented during the past years or contact the EUKN Secretariat at


26 November 2020

The New Leipzig Charter and JRC's Urban Activities

Joint Research Centre (JRC) - European Comission

7 October, 2019

Greener Cities, Greener Europe 

EUKN Conference
Brussels, Belgium

6 December 2018

Energy transition in the built environment

The Netherlands

9 November 2018

Urban strategic planning

The Czech Republic

14 November 2017

Urban Mobility

The Czech Republic

4 July 2017

One year Pact of Amsterdam

The Netherlands

14 December 2016

Urban mobility

The Czech Republic

27 September 2016

Urban poverty



20 September 2016

Prevention of radicalisation 

Belgium, France and the Netherlands 

2 December 2015

Sustainable housing 

The Czech Republic 

18 June 2015 

Circular Economy

The Netherlands

11 September 2013

Integrated territorial approach

The Czech Republic

3 September 2013

Housing and care

The Netherlands

25 June 2013

Sustainable housing quarters