Port Cities and Mega-Trends: Glocal Approaches to Sustainable Transitions

26 January, 2021


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Part of the EUKN webinar series ‘Thinking Beyond the Crisis’, the Policy Lab for France was held virtually on 26 January 2021. The event was jointly organised with the French National Agency for Territorial Cohesion (ANCT) in partnership with the Interministerial Delegation for the Development of the Seine Valley (DIDVS), the city of Le Havre, and its Urban Planning Agency (AURH).  Gathering more than 70 participants from port cities all over the globe, it offered a platform to reflect on the global impact and local effects of mega-trends on port cities in Europe and beyond. 

After an opening by the mayor of Le Havre, the Interministerial Delegate for the Development of the Seine Valley Development offered a contextualised overview of the unique aspects of what makes a port city and its glocal nature. This was followed by a panel of French, Dutch, and German speakers representing key port-city stakeholders (from Le Havre, Incheon, Rotterdam and Hamburg), as well as experts from the OECD, the European Space Agency (ESA), AIVP - the worldwide network of port cities, and Delft University of Technology. In particular, the intervention of the HAROPA representative in Korea allowed for a perspective from outside Europe through the sui generis case of Incheon.

In their presentations, experts explored different dimensions of port cities’ sustainable transitions, providing insights on how global mega-trends are affecting peoples and their territories. The dynamic make-up of the webinar allowed to problematise different aspects of the transition: from collaborative vs competitive value chains to carbon-neutrality and its trade-offs; jobs and skills in the new economy; inclusive waterfront redevelopment and land-use; and the contested urbanisation of the sea. 

A recording of the webinar is available on YouTube.  

Follow-up activities 

The main reflections and learnings from the webinar will inform a final report, published by the EUKN and ANCT in English and French (to be made available soon).