Prevention of radicalisation

20 September 2016


On 20 September 2016, the EUKN organised a Policy Lab in Brussels on the prevention of radicalisation, together with several knowledge partners from France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

The main goal of the event was to get insight in developing approaches, methods and policy focused on preventing radicalisation in today’s society. More than 100 participants from a diverse range of governmental and non-governmental organisations from all three countries attended the Policy Lab. Participants took part in a variety of workshops, ranging from analysing and defining radicalisation to the training of local actors and civil servants. 

The event provided various possibilities for learning and exchanging knowledge. The input gathered will support in creating new options in developing strong and resilient approaches for prevention of radicalisation, with cooperation of all levels of society as a key factor.

The Policy Lab showed that Belgium, France and the Netherlands work hard towards developing and strengthening a local policy for the prevention of radicalisation. Different approaches are being taken between countries, regions and cities, partly due to the different social and administrative contexts. The complexity of the issue and the existence of many stakeholders requires an integrated preventive approach. An effective local prevention policy will focus on the many forms and causes of radicalisation and on working together in all the sectors involved.

The Policy Lab clearly showed that there is a need to exchange knowledge and experiences between the cities, regions and countries of Europe.