Prevention of radicalisation in European cities

27 November, 2018


On 27 November 2018 the European Urban Knowledge Network - EUKN EGTC in cooperation with its Belgian partner organised a Policy Lab in Brussels on the topic of Prevention of radicalisation in European cities. The meeting consisted mainly of participants form Belgium, Netherlands and France, together with the special guests from the Ministry of Interior, and representatives of cities in Belgium.

In the scope of this Policy Lab, the following aspects of radicalisation were addressed:

  • Identification and monitoring of the phenomenon of radicalisation;

  • Training of professional field workers in neighbourhoods;

  • Integration approach: working together at the local level.

The Policy Lab illustrated the trigger factors in the radicalisation process as well as the possible dangers of social media in the field of terrorism nowadays. The critical reflections on these topics were indicated during the meeting’s framework by the experts.

The participants joined three different workshops and discussed how to avoid and combat radicalisation, extremism and polarisation. As a conclusion, the complexity of the issue and the existence of many stakeholders requires an integrated preventive approach. The meeting also pointed out importance of knowledge exchange and experiences between the cities, regions and countries of Europe.