Solidarity and Diversity: New recipes for Urban Social Policy

29 November 2013


On 29 November 2013 the Federal Public Service for Social Integration together with EUKN organised a Policy Lab in Brussels. The Policy Lab participants consisted of the Ministry of Interior, Scottish Cities Allience, and BrabantStad.

In the scope of this Policy Lab, the following aspects of social and diverse cities were addressed:

  • empowerment and active citizenship

  • conflict management

  • public spaces as meeting points for encounters and participation

  • integration of people living in poverty

  • social exclusion.

The Policy Lab illustrated  the correlation between these five elements and their relation to the overarching theme ‘Solidarity and Diversity’. A number of tangible examples were given of cities in Europe which have embraced an approach aimed at strengthening solidarity and diversity. 5 thematic papers have been developed on each of the above listed sub-themes. These papers have been feed into the individual workshops.

The participants further discussed the complex nature of diversity and how this asks for tailor-made approaches. As a conclusion, the importance of public meeting places to stimulate interaction was recognised and new models to combat poverty and social exclusion were explored.