Public Participation in the Development Process

9 December 2013


On the 9 December 2013, the EUKN organized a Policy Lab in Nicosia, Cyprus in collaboration with the Cyprus National Focal Point (NFP).

The aim of the Policy Lab was to explore how participatory planning processes can be made more efficient and more effective. The Policy Lab focused on the role of public participation in spatial planning and urban development, considering the fact that the legislative framework formulates conditions for local government to establish mechanisms and structures for public and community participation. The core focal point lied on the way public participation is institutionalised and embedded in legal frameworks.

The Policy lab provided a broad overview of the way public participation is organised in different European countries. After outlining the notion of public participation in general, the Policy Lab allowed for more in-depth discussions about the ways participation processes are influenced by the legal context of the countries. For that purpose, different case studies, tools and relevant research studies on public participation in the development processes were presented.

In light of the discussions, the participants further commented on the efficiency of participatory planning processes by elaborating on the case studies.