Local policies and programmes in the field of integrated territorial and urban development

La Muette, Garges-lès-Gonesse (France)

An important Urban Renewal Project was initiated in La Muette(Garges-lès-Gonesse) by the social housing company Immobilière 3F to open up a deprived social housing area and to improve its planning and quality of life by an integrated urban development strategy at the neighbourhood and local scales. The project integrates economical, physical, environmental and social ldimensions and the collaboration between partners involved, public and private. It also includes public consultation and participation. The renewal project of La Muette is based on physical and urban planning measures. More information on this policy in France.

Hradec Kralove (Czech Republic)

The city of Hradec Králové has a unique experience in the field of city strategic planning for the past ten years. In such a short time we created two city strategic development plans, which are very different from each other both in terms of content, especially, in the manner and method of processing. During the ten years we have had the opportunity to compare the results the city achieved in the implementation of both strategic plans. Historically, the first plan was developed in 1999 in collaboration with the consulting firm, which supplied the city the turnkey development document. The main impulse for the elaboration of the strategic plan was the fact that the city leaders realized the impossibility to manage the city by the "ad hoc" decisions. The second strategic plan was prepared in 2004, and although the process was presented as an update to the original document, it was an entirely new development document, which was created using a completely different method and was based on the principles and ideas contained in the Local Agenda 21. The city of Hradec Králové updated the strategic plan this year. The city of Hradec Králové uses a set of indicators for monitoring the sustainable development of the city as part of the strategic plan. Besides our own indicators, we also use the European Common Indicators, whose methodology has been adapted to the local conditions in compliance with their international comparability. More information on this policy of Hradec Kralove

Brno (Czech Republic)

The city of Brno (Czech Republic) used the possibility to improve the quality of public services and enlargement of the city amenities through applying an integrated approach. The Integrated Urban Development Plan (IUDP) ensured the coordination of sectoral and spatial policies in order to create a synergy effect of individual interventions. The statutory city of Brno defined the key areas of support in the framework of the Integrated Urban Development Plan, linking it with existing strategies and valid conceptual policy documents at local, regional and supra-regional level. More information on this policy in the Czech Repubic.

San Martin de Porres. Cordova (Spain)

This urban and social renewal initiative pays special attention to several important problems for the district, including urban and architectural obsolescence, creation of intermediate spaces for coexistence and community life, improvement of common areas, in particular, installing lifts, environmental remediation of urban spaces, and curbing social discrimination against social minorities. These actions aim to address in a comprehensive manner issues that affect the development of the district - physical, economic and cultural transformation, social fabric, families, etc. – applying procedures underpinned by public policy, building spaces in which political decisions are consistent with the analysis of district problems and plans on possible solutions, and engaging as many community institutions and residents as possible to ensure the sustainability of the rehabilitation process.