Sustainable Housing

2 December 2015


The Czech EUKN Policy Lab on sustainable housing and sustainable urban development was held in Prague on 2nd December 2015. This event took place in conjunction with the UN Habitat National Forum. The Policy Lab was to serve as an expert meeting before the National Urban Forum and the outcomes of the Policy Lab were presented at this Forum.

The EUKN Director, Mart Grisel, experts from the Czech Republic and other EU countries, discussed “the urban dimension of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the New Urban Agenda and the EU Urban Agenda” with a strong focus on sustainable housing and sustainable urban development in the national, urban and global context.

Three key messages were discussed at the meeting:

  • There is no EU definition of sustainable and/or affordable housing. The topic is complex, since it touches upon various policy domains, and the policies differ from country to country.

  • Political documents like the recently adopted “Geneva UN Charter on Sustainable Housing” can play an important role in promoting sustainable urban development and housing. The document has a clear link with the EU Urban Agenda and the UN New Urban Agenda, which are in the making.

  • Implementation of the agreed principles is key but there are some serious bottlenecks that need to be addressed properly.

As a conclusion, the Policy Lab allowed for knowledge exchange on the urban dimension of SDGs, focusing on sustainable housing.