Urban strategic planning

9 November, 2018


On 9 November 2018, the European Urban Knowledge Network - EUKN EGTC organised a Policy Lab for its member, the Czech Republic on the topic of Urban Strategic Planning. The meeting took place in Prague and was organised for the Czech Ministry of Regional Development.

In regards to the strategic urban and regional development, the EUKN identified three key challenges that need to be recognised in order to make an effective use of Integrated Territorial Investments (ITIs) in the Czech Republic. These are governmental complexity at the local level; complexity of the urban planning context, and the cooperation with the private sector and funding leverage. By increasing the use of ITIs in the Czech Republic, these three challenges would be addressed.

The meeting was opened by Martin Ferry from the European Policies Research Centre  (School of Government and Public Policy, University of Strathclyde, UK) on the topic of "Use of ITIs within the framework of strategic urban development: good practices and lessons learnt”, followed by the presentation from Martijn Kanters from the Bureau Stedelijke Planning, Amsterdam on the topic of “Integrated Urban Development: strategy & governance: The Dutch Experience”.

Mr Kanters reflected on the main elements of the Dutch approach on integrated urban development, focusing on the role of Municipalities. Dutch municipalities take the lead, coordinating strategic planning with regional authority and private sector, facilitating public participation while allocating balanced programming in the zoning plan. Mr Ferry focused on the governance innovation and challenges. He presented the evidence of integration and integration challenges and continued with an overview of the policy innovation in the sector. He finalised his presentation formulating two important questions for the further discussion: "Is the implementation of ESIF territorial instruments creating policy innovation?" and "What role should these instruments play in 2021-27?"

The meeting continued with three case study presentations of the Port of Pius (Tilburg), ITIs in Brno and ITIs in Wroclaw Functional Area followed by a plenary discussion on the strategic perspective in view of the Cohesion Policy post-2020 and funding possibilities.