Shaping the Spanish Urban Agenda in the light of other European National Urban Policy frameworks

30 November 2017


The EUKN Policy Lab for Spain took place in Madrid and was organised in cooperation with the Ministerio de Fomento, Madrid on the theme of National Urban Agenda in Spain. The event aimed at supporting Spain's commitment to develop its urban agenda, built on the existing urban policies at the national level.

The EUKN Policy Lab allowed for an exchange between Spanish experts and experts from national ministries in EUKN countries working in the field of National Urban Policies. The exchange considered wider political frameworks like the Urban Agenda for the EU and the global New Urban Agenda, which both stress the importance of national urban and territorial policies. The meeting informed Spain's strategic orientation on national urban agenda development, considering the global, European and domestic framework conditions.

The Policy Lab offered support for the Spanish Ministry in the first steps of identifying the effective actions and instruments for the development of the National Urban Agenda. This focus was on the state of play of national urban policies or specific countries in Europe in order to stimulate the exchange of ideas and information on the political and complex structural settings of selected countries.

The EUKN Policy Lab provides the opportunity for an informed exchange on this complex topic, focusing on aspects such as: motivation, process, multi-level governance, actor involvement, and implementation. Second objective was the contribution to the strategic orientation of the future Urban Agenda, considering the national, European and global contexts, and other countries' successful experiences. Most importantly the Policy Lab, stimulating mutual learning and networking among European citizens.