Urban poverty

27 September 2016


On 27 September 2016, the Urban Agenda for the EU Partnership on Urban Poverty assembled in Athens for a seminar, organised by the European Urban Knowledge Network (EUKN) and the Partnership. The Urban Poverty Partnership, coordinated by France and Belgium, came together with stakeholders from European city administrations, national ministries, practitioners in the social realm, and researchers working on urban poverty.

The goal of the seminar was to identify the bottlenecks and potentials of the issues at stake and to generate input for the next phase of the Partnership: the definition of the objectives and deliverables, which constitute the core of the Action Plan.

Like the other Urban Agenda for the EU partnerships, the Partnership on Urban Poverty takes into account the EU focus on better regulation, better funding, and better  knowledge. This means answers are required as to how to improve EU legislation so that it better reflects urban needs, practices, and responsibilities; how to ensure better  access  to and  utilization of European funds by urban areas; and how to improve the EU urban knowledge base and stimulate the sharing of best practices.

Throughout the Policy Lab discussions took place within four interactive thematic workshops - on Identification of Urban Poverty, on Urban Poverty, Welfare and the Labour Market, on Urban Poverty and Public Services, and on Child Poverty.

The discussions and feedback from the workshop generated input for the next phase of the partnership: the definition of the objectives and deliverables, which constitute the core of the partnership’s action plan.

The objective of the Policy Lab was to involve a wider range of stakeholders to reflect on the first draft of the scoping paper and to provide input for the next version of the scoping paper as well as for the Action Plan. The report that will enable the experts to do so can be found on this link.