Cooperation between towns, cities and their neighbourhoods

26 September 2013


On the 26 September 2013 the EUKN organised a Policy Lab in Budapest focusing on cooperation between towns, cities and their neighbourhoods. The Policy Lab participants consisted of the Ministry of Interior, Scottish Cities Alliance, and BrabantStad.

The aim of this EUKN Policy Lab was to provide cities and regions with a better understanding of how to negotiate and cooperate with each other, and how to improve the economic, social and environmental relations. The Policy Lab provided an overview of the broader context of integrated development ranging from the European level to the local perspective. A number of international cases and European projects were presented, which provided a deeper insight in territorial and urban integrated development in practice.

The Scottish Cities Alliance presented the lessons learned from Scotland regarding collaboration on city policies. Moreover, the programme manager of BrabantStad, which is an urban network of Breda, Eindhoven, Helmond, 's-Hertogenbosch and Tilburg, gave insights in the development of 10 years of cooperation. The Scottish and Dutch case studies were then followed by Hungarian examples of integrated development plans of cities and their surroundings, as well as cooperation of city and neighbourhoods.

As a conclusion, the impulses and ideas gathered within the workshop has been presented, in light of which, the participants discussed the possibility of enhancing the regional/territorial cooperation in urban and rural planning.